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The benefits of hiring a cleaning service, The Benefits of Hiring a Cleaning Service

The Benefits of Hiring a Cleaning Service

Many business owners shy away from hiring commercial cleaning Companies, as they feel it is too costly to do so. A business may not want to invest a significant portion of its budget into keeping its environment clean and tidy all the time.

The mistake that businesses make is to assume that paying for commercial cleaning services is a net loss. Between proven cleaning methods and attention to detail, there are many advantages to hiring professionals for cleaning your office or business.

Below are seven reasons why you must hire commercial cleaners for your business/office:

1. Maintain a Sleek Beauty

Businesses that prioritize cleanliness have a much easier time maintaining a sleek and modern beauty. If you are running a business that aims to target Millennials and Generation Z customers, crafting a sleek and stylish beauty is so important.

Such beauties are very difficult to maintain if your workspace is untidy, dirty, and unhygienic. Rather than appearing modern and sleek, your business may look chaotic and so confined. While such appearances may have been acceptable in the past, modern customers may not find them particularly appealing.

Such Sleek beauty can only be maintained by a Professional Cleaning Company of your choice.


2. Impress Customers and Clients

When you are running a business that depends on daily interactions with customers or clients, you must prioritize cleanliness. If someone walks into your store, restaurant, or office first thing in the morning, they should see a bright and spotless environment.

Perhaps a customer is not sure of where they want to shop, and they take an interest in your store. They walk inside and immediately notice areas of the floor that have a great deal of dust and debris. Such an appearance does not create a positive impression, and may even cause them to turn around and look for a different place to shop.


3. Avoid Liabilities and Risks

Commercial cleaning companies are very thorough in their work, while they also keep up to date on the latest MoH compliance and state health standards. Your business does not have to concern itself with cleaning standards, as your cleaners will take care of that for you.

Many business owners make the mistake of delegating the cleaning of an establishment to specific employees or engaging a “Mama Fua”. While those workers may do their best, they are unlikely to know the latest OSHA standards and compliance. That means your business could suffer consequences when your annual health inspection comes around.

Commercial cleaning companies also have the required equipment and supplies that may be helpful in case you need stain removal on any part of your business mostly; sinks, Toilet tubs, tiles, windows, or any point. Inhouse cleaners may not have the skills to remove stains even given the provision of the supplies. In fact, sometimes in-house cleaners end up destroying in an attempt to correct.

4. Retain and Attract Employees

The state of the economy in Kenya is extremely precarious in 2022 and beyond. Despite the impressive performance of the stock market and housing market, many businesses are still struggling to reach the same levels of business as pre-2020 due to the COVID-19 effect.

In addition, many workers are not showing a great desire to get back to work. Others are a lot more cautious about committing to a workplace, and will not hesitate to change jobs if they believe a better alternative is available.

Business owners must ensure they can both retain existing employees and attract new workers in such an environment. Maintaining a clean business is one way to project your company in the best possible light.

If prospective employee comes in for an interview, they are likely to look through the various areas of your business. Should they notice dirty corners in certain rooms, messy communal spaces, and other issues, they are far less likely to take up a job at that establishment.

5. Avoid Business Shutdowns

Companies that are not making cleanliness a priority are taking a significant risk in 2022. There are countless stories of businesses that had to shut down for several months due to a virus outbreak among their staff.

Not only do such outbreaks cause your business to lose money, as you must shut your doors for a few days or weeks, but you may develop a poor reputation among the local community. If people hear that your business shut down due to a virus outbreak, they will be more hesitant to frequent your establishment in the near future.

The cost of hiring cleaners to spend a couple of hours at your business each day of the year is likely to cost less money than a few days of your business being closed down due to health issues among staff. Similar shutdowns are possible if you fail annual health inspections.

6. Lighten the Load on Your Staff

Considering the changes occurring in 2020, 2021, and 2022, many businesses are placing greater workloads on their staff. Most workers already have many tasks they must handle each day, which means that adding cleaning into that workload could overwhelm your employees.

Rather than doing a great job cleaning your business premises, those workers may look to cut corners in every area of their career. As they are tasked with so many different responsibilities, they may attempt to do the bare minimum with each task. That could result in your business not receiving the care it deserves.

If you are overworking your employees, their stress and tension may spill over into customer interactions. That is not how you want your business to appear to a customer, whether they are coming in for the first time or are a regular visitor.

7. Save Money on Cleaning in the Long-Term

Business owners assume that if they are hiring a cleaning company one or two times a week, they are likely to spend a lot of money on cleaning in the long term. In contrast, hiring professionals for a deep cleaning one time a month can save money.

What many people do not realize is that hiring commercial cleaners for regular cleaning is cost-effective over time. If cleaners are constantly at your business mopping the floors, vacuuming, spot cleaning surfaces, and ensuring your bathrooms are thoroughly disinfected, then you will not require significant cleaning at any stage.

Every area of your business receives priority from the cleaners during each of their visits, ensuring the entire business is spotless when they leave. In contrast, a company that only hires professionals one or two times a year may end up with excessively dirty surfaces, floors, and carpeting. Some of the dirt or debris may not come off easily, which can increase the cost of cleaning significantly.

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